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By using our Chinese visa or other services, you should be deemed to accept all the Terms and Conditions below and agree not to violate our policies, when you instruct i2visa UK to act as your agent for visa application service and other related service. No any parties are permitted to alter these Terms and Conditions except expressly authorities in writing to do so. By using our site, i2visa UK shall have the full benefit of these terms and conditions you are conveying your agreement with. Failure to comply with Terms and Conditions may result in legal action and restriction or termination to access our site.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

In order to give our clients as much benefits as possible before travelling, our clients may be entitled to get full or part refund. If you decide to withdraw your application from i2visa UK after receiving your application but BEFORE we hand over your application to Chinese or Indian visa centre or you do not want to provide documents which i2visauk Ltd requests in order to obtain a travelling visa for you. i2visa UK will refund you the full payment and ONLY deduct the postage if you have not provided the postage pre-paid envelop. So, i2visa UK will NOT take our service fee from it.

However, if you decide to withdraw your application from i2visa UK after we receive your application but AFTER submitting your application to Chinese or Indian visa centre in Edinburgh on your behalf, i2visa UK will take away the consular fee and visa centre fee charged by Chinese or Indian visa service centre, and the postage charged by Royal Mail if you have not provided the postage pre-paid envelop. i2visa UK will only refund you our handling fee.  So, i2visa UK Ltd will NOT take our service fee from it.

In addition, i2visa.co.uk will refund you the difference if you are getting the inappropriate visa type required by consumers because of visa policy strictly required by General Chinese Consulate or High Commission of India. Ex: If you are applying for a multi-visit visa, however, Chinese General Consulate or High Commission of India only issues you a single or double entry without any reasons. In this case, we by using our credit note will refund you the difference at a verbal or written agreement between i2visa UK and consumers.  In terms of our service provided, if you are applying for a 48 hours service by cash, bacs, or card payment method, but you are getting your passport and visa back within 72 hours under uncertain circumstance, we will NOT refund you the difference at an incompletely promised service between i2visa UK and consumers.  Cancellation should be accepted via mail or email by i2visa UK.

In terms of the authentication service of UK documents i2visa UK will NOT process your UK documents for the application of CHINA AUTHENTICATION until the receipt of full payment. If you make the payment but you withdraw your application afterwards, i2visa UK will take off 30% of the amount as our admin charge then refund you the remaining amount.

Payment Methods: You should agree with payment methods (Cash, Bank Transfer and Card payment) provided by i2visa UK. You will be allowed to choose one payment method to another during the whole processing course from time to time. 

Regarding to the Bank transfer payment, accounts department of i2visa UK will invoice clients with bank details after your application is submitted.  The payment should be made in an appropriated time. Once your application is approved, if you refuse to pay the full or partial amount of fee via Bank Transfer, (or deliberately forged cash are found), i2visa UK reserves the right to take legal action against it or report to police or other authorities.

Regarding to the online card payment, i2visa UK has PayPal’s business account registered at i2visauk@gmail.com. You agree that we will email you a payment link by PayPal, sometimes junk box if there is ‘i2visa UK via PayPal’ in the inbox. All major cards are accepted by PayPal. This is subject to you providing us with such valid consent provided when you click the ‘pay’ button in the email via PayPal before you have submitted your correct card information or successfully logged into your PayPal account. So, you have agreed with i2visa UK as merchant party to collect direct payment of funds from your PayPal account or card information provided by you via PayPal.

In conclusion, i2visa UK reserves the right to retain all passports and documents until payment of the amounts is received in full.

Processing Time

Processing time for Chinese or Indian visa application quoted by i2visa.co.uk is considerable, although some uncertain circumstance by Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh, High Commission of India in Edinburgh or Chinese/Indian visa centre could happen. Processing time should be calculated starting the next working day of the date when all the documents are mailed or handed to i2visa UK in terms of Chinese visa service and UK documents attestation service for China. All the urgent application service should be notified to our staff of i2visa UK at least one day (including Saturday and Sunday, or public holiday) in advance by phone or email so that we can make sure that all the documents are sufficient for submission. The process time in our order form or website refers to the working days which can't include Saturdsay, Sunday, UK bank holiday and Chinese public holiday as well as some immediate closure days of Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh without any notice.

COVID-19 or other abnormal time: During the period Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh have updated their processing time for UK documents to be legalised and visa application. Thus the timeframe stated in the order form will probably be longer than the one in normal time. Please individually email us at info@i2visa.co.uk or phone our office at 07546905394 for the updates.

Chinese Group Visa

The unique CHINESE GROUP VISA is issued as SINGLE ENTRY only and up to 20 DAYS stay of all members of the Group at ENTRY and EXIT of China at the SAME TIME and SAME DAY for the purpose of Tourism. Failure to comply with the limited conditions, i2visa UK will NOT take any responsibilities and liability for any misunderstanding of nature and concept of Chinese Group Visa application.

Regarding the all the submitted documents for the whole group for Chinese group visa application, and main leader or organiser ensure that the required information is true, reliable, consistent and sufficient. False or inconsistent information provided may result in the refusal of entry into China,  or a penalised fine incurred or other punishment imposed in any Chinese borders in accordance with REGULATION of the People‘s Republic of China on the Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreign Nationals. Consistency means ‘initial passport information submitted (including full name, passport number, date of birth, gender and nationality) for Chinese group visa application should be exactly same as the passport information used for the purpose of entry to China when you should bring BOTH the SAME and ORIGINAL passport and authorised Group Tourist Form (Chinese Group Visa) by themselves. Please be cautious of the act of surname changed RECENTLY, passport renewed RECENTLY, Second passport granted, the issue of gender and dual nationality etc. In conclusion, it is my duty that all members should bring TWO key required documents (Correct original passport and original authorised Group Tourist Form) with you in travelling to mainland China as well as the copy of flight booking and hotel reservation just in case. i2visa UK does not accept any liabilities for refusal of entry into China or boarding the scheduled flight due to your negligence and misunderstanding.

Chinese group visa may become invalid because small change or something unexpected could happen to us. For instance: loss of original passport and serious illness of one or more members resulting in cancellation or change of flight and hotel reservation. The fixed Group visa is only valid for 30 days from the issued date and must be used within 15 days otherwise it will automatically become invalid. Failure to comply with these conditions, a full refund will NOT apply at any circumstances even though all or some of the members of the group do not use the Chinese group visa eventually.

Limitation of Liability

i2visa.co.uk provides any countries' visa application service and apostille service in good faith. i2visa UK EXCLUDES  all liability for any delay or even loss caused by Chinese General Consulate in Edinburgh, Chinese application service centres or VFS or other visa authorities, also EXCLUDING any claim, demand and damaged by these visa authorities. In addition, i2visa.co.uk EXCLUDES all responsibilities for any delay or financial or passport and visa loss or damage whatsoever caused by Royal Mail or Post Offices or any courier companies or incomplete or inaccurate application or public authorities. A loss or damage up to £200 for which i2visa UK is responsible immediately due to our incorrect provision of visa service by us. i2visa UK will EXCLUDE any limits or liability for death, or personal injuries or other illness (Ex. heart attack) caused by our negligence, fraud misrepresentation and any other matter for which it would be illegal for us to exclude or attempt to exclude our liability. 


i2visa.co.uk has correctly described all the visa, mailing or courier services that appear in the website. All the statements, definitions and descriptions are up to date, complete and accurate. Even though Consulates can change their requirements and visa fee without any notice and these change could take effect immediately. i2visa UK will try their best to get these updated information as soon as possible in order to avoid any inaccuracies. All the service descriptions, fees, processing time, processing date or other information provided by i2visa.co.uk are guaranteed. However, these descriptions and information provided by us apply in the UK only, and by using visa and courier service of i2visa UK only. However, i2visa UK CAN’T take any responsibilities for the descriptions and information provided by us that you are applying for a travelling visa directly to Chinese or Indian visa centre in Edinburgh, or you are applying for a visa application in London or other cities.

Decline and Termination

i2visa.co.uk reserves the right to decline to process your application for some reason including unlimited to incomplete documentation and uncertain circumstances, and reserves the right to terminate your access to our site without any notice. Consular officials may request additional documents at their discretion. They may decline a visa application without disclosing the reason for denial. However, i2visa UK will endeavour and find any possibilities and solution, to process the client’s visa application based on the requirements given and order form submitted. However, i2visa UK is not affiliated to any visa authorities and governmental body.  The requirements in Edinburgh related to all visa applications are out of our control and subject to change without any notice.

Online Visa Application Form & Documents Attestation for China

All the information in the visa application form and supporting document MUST be honest, true, reliable and complete. Failure to comply with the true information may result in a visa refusal or application rejected. i2visa UK will ONLY check your documents if they are sufficient or relevant, to meet the requirements by Chinese General Consulate or High Commission of Indian in Edinburgh once we receive them. i2visa UK will NOT do applicants’ background check but we will certify your UK doucuments certifified by our notary public until Chinese Consulate of Edinburgh will authenticate these legalised documents.

i2visa UK will endeavour and find any possibilities, to process the client’s visa application based on the requirements given and order form submitted, although it is the client’s full responsibility to ensure that the validity of the submitted visa application including and covering the periods of time in which the client plans to enter and leave China which the client is visiting and the number of times and purpose intented of entries to China.

Please indicate your requirements in the online visa application form properly, specifically and brightly. For example: regarding to the visa entries please tick the section ‘single entry’, ‘double entry’, or ‘multiple entries’ in the online visa form brightly. In terms of the duration of stay please type the section a number in the online visa form brightly. Failure to do so may get a wrong visa entry. i2visa UK will contact our clients about this issue before submission but i2visa UK will NOT take any responsibilities for wrong indication by clients after submission is made.


(as defined a person who is under the age of 18) is not eligible to place our Chinese or Indian visa order, or use our visa service directly. They must be accompanied by their parent(s), or their guardian(s), or their teachers who are responsible for the whole visa application to use a Chinese or Indian visa service or other services.


We take your privacy and security very seriously. We do not keep our clients’ data. The Website is built using a secure server to protect you and the information you give us. We adhere to the requirements of the UK Data Protection Legislation [The Data Protection Act 1988]. i2visa UK uses the information in the order form to contact you in response to your queries and requests. We do not store any bank and personal details. All clients’ data and information will be deleted or shredded after passport and visa arrival at clients’ hand, but we keep your contact detail in the i2visa order form for a three-month period. i2visa UK will NOT liaise with or contact any third party about passing or selling clients’ information. More information is at our privacy policy.

 i2visa UK reserves the right to block website access and/or take legal action against any users who it may be accessing the website for illegal use.


i2visa.co.uk provides websites of other services provided with consumers for your convenience. Once you are leaving our site for another website when clicking the link or searching another service, i2visa UK will NOT be liable for these third party websites. Their terms or privacy statement should be carefully reviewed.


The above terms and conditions and visa service expressly are used to constitute our agreement between i2visa UK and client(s) based on verbal previous discussions, negotiation and correspondence and email agreement between us relating to the subject matter. However, our agreement will ONLY take effect immediately after a visa application is submitted to Chinese or Indian visa centre on your behalf. Any dispute arises between i2visa UK and consumers under our agreement will be accessed by the laws of Scotland. Terms and conditions can be updated at any time.

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