Privacy Policy

The website is operated by i2visa UK whose trading office is 24 Canning Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EG, United Kingdom. When using the i2visa UK (referred as ‘i2visa’or ‘’) service, you trust us with your information.

Your privacy is fundamentally important to us. Our Privacy Statement explains what kind of personal information will be received and collected by i2visa, what to do with it and why we collect it.

1. No Personal Details Sold to Third Parties will NOT disclosure any personal information to third parties, unless it is required by authorised investigation suspecting fraud, harassment or other violations of any law, rule or regulations, or terms of our website. Embassies, General Consulates, High Commissions, or visa centres are increasingly requiring various information of documents for a visa application, such as utility bill, council tax, recent bank statement, health information or criminal record (including speeding offence) if applicable. The required personal information in your documents will be stored by Embassies or Consulates. i2visa order form will be kept for 3 months and afterwards shredded or deleted, after a visa application is approved. If you have any objection to provide the relevant information with, you should apply for a visa in person direct to Chinese or Indian visa centre in Edinburgh.

2. What kind of Personal Information will be collected

People have different privacy concern. Our goal is to be clear what information we will collect. In order to get a travelling visa by i2visa UK, you should provide us with two types of information regarded as official and unofficial ones. Please note that all your official information stating your passport information, previous and current visa information, visa information of other countries, other future travelling plan and other supporting documents required by Chinese or Indian visa authority, and then are securely passed onto these visa authorities directly as soon as possible. This official information is NOT absolutely stored or photocopied at all by i2visa UK. On the other hand, we will ONLY use your unofficially contact details to complete the visa order placed and be ready to submit your visa application on your behalf. When receiving your documents for visa application, your unofficial information stating your contact details in the i2visa order form will ONLY be used for insufficient document to be provided or delivery service amended in email, text message, telephone or live chat etc. So, in order to ensure that all the supporting documents are sufficient before submission, you will be asked to provide the following unofficially contact details with for online order form, or the form filled by hand.

  1. your contact name (including nickname);
  2. your delivery address (home, word or others address);
  3. your contact telephone number;
  4. your email address;
  5. your occupation;
  6. your debit or credit card details, if you are using the payment methods

What to do with these Personal Information

Your provision of your contact detail will allow us to directly communicate with you in emailing, telephoning, or text message or live chat verbal or in emailing or writing for receipt of your mail, or insufficient document provided notification of visa approval, or delivery date or address amended.

The collection of your personal information and other information of your document is designated to get you a travelling visa on your behalf. After we check your document ready for visa application, we will securely bring this information to appropriate visa centre. All the required information MUST be collected by these visa authorities for the use of visa application. Thus, after a travelling visa is approved and is delivered to your hand, we note in the following statement:

  1. We will NOT store your passport, your previous and current visa information, your visa information of other countries and future travelling plan and the information of your supporting document, which is ONLY used as the provision of CURRENT VISA APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS by visa authorities.
  2. Your contact detail in the i2visa order form will ONLY be kept by for THREE MONTHS only after your document is received, regarded as verbal or written communication for receipt of your mail, or insufficient document provided, notification of visa approval, or delivery date or address amended, or further being questioned by General Consulate or High Commission, even that you have receive your passport and visa at hand.
  3. Your debit or credit card information will be shredded or deleted immediately after THREE MONTHS to prevent misuse and fraud from the date of card payment taken.
  4. Your official full name in the invoice or receipt will be kept for records ONLY for the use required by HM Revenue and Custom (HMRC).

Why we collect these Personal Information operates the information effectively and provide you the best experiences with our visa service. You provide some information directly, such as your contact details in the online i2visa order form or i2visa order form filled by hand, with directly verbal or written communication with you in order to avoid any visa delay, error, or mistaken delivery address. The contact name can be your nickname, your first name or last name, no need to be your official full name. However, your current occupation should be honestly stated in the i2visa order form in the case of the requirement by Chinese visa or Indian visa authorities. Your delivery address in writing MUST be very bright, even though we contact you about the confirmation of the address. If you are paying the total by debit or credit card, we will use your card details to take the payment securely and accurately by a reliable payment provider.

Apart from your contact detail, your officially personal information will be directly collected by Chinese or Indian visa centre authorised by Chinese General Consulate or High Commission of India, for Chinese or Indian visa application in Edinburgh. These official information will be securely passed into these visa authorities after we receive your documents for application. Please note that i2visa UK Ltd MUST NOT photocopy and store your these information.


  1. When you are just visiting
    You can visit all areas of our website without disclosing your personal information (name, telephone number or email address) until you place your visa order online or you have an general enquiries via telephone or email.
  2. When you use our visa service
    It means that you mailed or handed your documents for visa application, which also are received and signed by our management office team. Up to this point, you MUST provide us with your personal information and payment details, stating your name in the passport, date of birth, passport number, your delivery address, email address, telephone number, your billing address (if you are using your card payment)
  3. When you use our visa service for the third party (individual, corporate and school)
    You are playing a key role to take full responsibilities for your friend(s), relative(s), sibling(s), your parent(s), your child(ren), colleague(s), superior(s) or your pupil(s) or student(s), as a main contact person. So, your contact details (including your name, telephone number and email address) will be required with our visa team for direct communication in the case that any visa application or other issue arises. However, the personal information of main applicant(s) will usually NOT be required unless unusual case happens, before mailing or handing his, her, or their document for visa application.
  4. When you phone, email us, or using a call back service or online contact form
    I will perhaps collect your contact information like your name, telephone number and email address to assist you to answer any visa enquiries.
  5. When you use the live chat support
    I will only answer your visa enquires via live chat. Please note that you will NOT be required to provide us with your contact details, your personal information or debit/credit card information at this stage.
  6. When you write a review or comment
    If you leave your review or comment to our site, or other sites or social media, you should be aware that your personal information submitted might be read, collected or used by other users. We appreciate very much your valuable reviews and comments in order to improve our visa service, we cannot take responsibilities for your personal information disclosed in reviews or comments at a volunteer basis.


Everyone’s privacy is important to us. According to our protection of your personal information (or main contact details) used securely by, you should agree with our description and statements of privacy policy of i2visa UK.