EU/EEA/CH national fr £110 all incl.

1. up to Multi-visit 12 months

2. simple documents required

-Fee Match Guarantee

If you find our fees higher than our competitors located in the UK only, we will match the difference between our fees and the fees you found on the site of other competitors, which MUST submit the visa applications on behalf of their customers in the Chinese Embassy in London, General Chinese Consulate in Manchester or Edinburgh ONLY, at the SAME VISA APPLIATION, SAME ENTRIES, SAME SERVICE and SAME NATIONALITY with the condition in a 15-day window and UK market only after you get your passport and visa at hand.

If you go to China in a few weeks, we will let you enjoy the lowest fee over other agencies, not necessary to pay for an urgent fee. We provide our clients with two different types of lowest fee. One is 5 working days’ standard service; the other is 4 working days’ regular service. These processing time is certainly guaranteed, and is surely confirmed after we receive your documents.

Chinese Visas

i2visa UK, as non-British applicants’ feature of Chinese visa agency,  we'll probably get you One Year Multiple Entries Chinese visa for non-British passport holders. If you are residing in the UK, including Channel Isles, Isle of Man and so on, your application will probably be issued multiple entry 12-month Chinese visa. Even though you are a tourist or businessperson staying in the UK for a short period, you will still qualify for it according to the Chinese visa policy of the General Chinese Consulate in Edinburgh. Please note that utility bill and bank statement will NOT be required for Chinese visa application.

The application of non-British nationals takes in the following processing time:

  1. 28 Hours Service
  2. 48 Hours Service
  3. 72 Hours Service
  4. 4 Working Days
  5. 5 Working Days

We believe that time is precious. The fastest 28-hour application will exclusively get your Chinese visa without any hassle in the UK. As saving much time for visa application, you could do more arrangements for your Chinese trip. The application will ask you to provide us with the following documents required by General Chinese Consulate in Edinburgh.

  Multiple Entries 12 months application for non-British Nationals
Passport: A valid and original non-British passport more than 13 calendar months
Copy: A photocopy of your passport information page
Photo: A standard passport-size photograph

Chinese Visa Application Form and i2visa Order Form

Please download and print it off, and fill out it by hand or print and sign it in the end


(For Business visa ONLY)

The key document is an invitation letter issued from Mainland China.

The letter should include a list of information: FULL NAME, Gender, Date of birth, and passport number of the applicant
- Your intended Entry and Exit dates to Mainland China
- Your purpose of visit to Mainland China

- A recent date of issuing the letter
- It should state the source of financial support for your trip to Mainland China
- A letterhead basis showing the name, address, telephone number of the Chinese organisation or company

- Signature and stamp from the Chinese supplier in the invitation.


If you are applying for a visa of multiple entries 6 or 12 months, you should have the records of the previous two Chinese visas.
UK Entry Clearance or Resident Permit: You should provide us with your UK visa, UK custom stamp or permit card, if you are NOT EU, EEA or CH citizen.

Please note that you will be still eligible for a Chinese visa application if you are NOT a resident in the UK. Ex: TOURISTS or BUSINESSPERSONS in the UK for a short period

Schedule of Fees

The following fees are collected by i2visa UK Ltd for the breakdown of Consular fee, Chinese visa centre fee and our handling fee. All fees are shown as British pound. Receipt for Chinese visa application will be emailed to you in the end.

Non-British Nationals 5 working days 4 working days 72 hours 48 hours 28 hours
Single Entry 3 months £110 £130 £160 £200 £260
Double Entry 6 months £125 £145 £175 £215 £275
Multiple Entry 6 months £155 £185 £215 £245 £295
Multiple Entry 12 months £195 £225 £265 £295 £335