Indian Visas

Indian Visas

India is always a popular country for tourist destination. Not only is Indiathe largest democracy in the world but also it is one of most ancient and living civilised countries in the world. In economics, India is member of G20 major economies.

The Indian economy is the world’s seventh largest by nominal GDP and third largest by purchasing power parity according to International Monetary Fund. Thus, the demand to tourism and economic exchange between UK and India is increasingly high. However, you should get a visa to India before travelling.

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Indian Visa Notice:

  1. If you are currently employing with Armed Force, Airlines and Charities, Media related professional, police and self-employed, you should be prepared to have an employment letter stating that you will be travelling to India for the purpose of tourism only and will not undertake any professional activities related to your work.
  2. If applicants who is under 16 years old, a copy of his or her full birth certificate with parents’ name is required along with a consent letter signed by both parents as well as their passport copy enclosed.
  3. Please note that your signature in the application form filled by your print, should match the one in your current passport. Please sign it at top right corner of the first page and bottom left corner of the second page.
  4. In a broad sense of UK Nationals, all the residents of other countries live in the UK more than two years are regarded as the same Indian visa process as UK citizen.