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Legalising UK documents

Legalised & Authenticated UK Documents for use in P.R. China UK document legalisation for China

UK documents to be authenticated by Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh

Before applying for Chinese work visa ('Z' - style), one or more documents which was/were originated in the United Kingdom should firstly be certified by an UK Notary Public, then must be legalised by the Legalisation Office (LO) of Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), and further be legalised and authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or General Consulate in the UK.  Regarding the reason of the final process through Chinese Embassy or General Consulate, because P.R. China is not member of Hague Convention, therefore an apostille certificate is not accepted in P.R. China. As a result, legalised documents for use in P.R. China should be gone through the final part - approved by Chinese Embassy or Chinese General Consulate in the UK.

What are UK documents for legalisation and authentication?

Personal documents: Degree or Master Certificate, PHDs or Diploma Qualifications or other Academic Reports, National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) or Disclosure Scotland etc.

Business documents: Certificate of Incorporation, Power of Attorney, Tax Returns, Partnership Agreement, VAT Certificate, Company Registers, or Certificate of Name Change etc.

If I live in England, can my documents be legalised and authenticated by Chinese General Consulate in Edinburgh?

Yes certainly. There is no jurisdiction for documents to be legalised in Edinburgh whether you live in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England or Wales, even documents can also be legalised in Edinburgh if you live in oversea like China, USA, Canada, Malaysia etc as long as this is an UK document.


Three main steps for your consideration:


Step 1) Notarisation: A personal or business document should be certified by an UK (Edinburgh) notary public firstly.


Step 2) Legalised by FCO (an apostille certificate): The Legalisation office of British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) must legalise the signature, stamp or seal of a British public official such as a solicitor, a notary public, a registrar and an official of chamber of commerce.


Step 3) China Authentication: The Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh will verify the signature and seal (excluding contents of documents) of British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Once being verified, the Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh will officially apply authenticated seal and signature (Blue Sticker) to your document(s), which will be ready for use in P.R. China.

i2visa UK Ltd can do three steps combined as a packege of full service on behalf of you, alternatively we can do the second step (an apostille cert attahced by FCO) or the third step (authenticated by the Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh) on its own at your convenience, which means that we will personally attend Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh for submission and collection on your behalf.

*Notarisation, Legalisation (Apostille) and Authentication (FULL SERVICE) combined as a set of package charged in the following:

One document (Regular Service): £178 including VAT

Two documents (Regular Service): £268 including VAT

Three documents (Regular Service): £348 including VAT

*The above total fee includes the two delivery postages (to FCO/from FCO) but it excludes the delivery fee to your home/business address.
*Notarisation: Prestigous UK Notary Public registered at the FCO - Processed in Edinburgh city centre
*Legalisation (an apostille Cert): Processed in FCO located in Milton Keynes
*China Authentication: Processed in Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh

i2visa UK is specialised in assisting you to securely obtain legalised document(s) from Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh (step 3) from a notary public service (step 1) and a stamped official certificate (an apostille certificate) service (step 2). The following required documents are complusory:

  1. Download and Complete Legalisation Application Form (UK version 2017) (The Button Below)
  2. The Original and Photocopy of UK Document(s) that will need to be authenticated
  3. Photocopy of Applicant’s Passport Information Page
  4. i2visa Order Form (The Button Below)

Download the form

Important Notice: Please let us know in advance or make a note with the other enclosed documents if you like to get the original degree certificate or TEFL certificate authenticated as your sepcial request instead of the photocopied UK documents to be authentication by Chinese Consulate of Edinburgh. It is a standard that our notary public will certify your ORIGINAL UK documents by default unless you have notification for us.

Please mail all the above required documents to the following address:

i2visa UK Ltd
Forth House
28 Rutland Square

*If you are applying for these at the express service, please simply add £38 (one document), £68 (two documents) and £98 (three documents) based on the whole cost of regular service. If you have more documents to be legalised as a package, please contact us about the particular fee schedule directly. 

Please see the following fee schedule for part service only - Chinese Consulate (Final Step) - Reference for One document:

Type of Service Processing Time Consular Fee (One Doc) Our Fees Total Fees (incl. VAT)
Regular 5 working days £32 £46 £78
Express 2-3 working days £47 £69 £116

If you are still not clear, please see the website of the General Chinese Consulate of Edinburgh.

If your document needs to be legalised by FCO (which is the second step), please see the fees charged in the following chart:

Type of Service Processing Days FCO Fee/per document Our Fees Total Fees
Regular 5 working days £30 £50 £80

Alternatively, you could do it by yourself by simply visiting the website of FCO. For your convenience, you can put our Edinburgh office address as the delivery address sent by FCO in order to save you one or two days and postages. Special delivery postage (to FCO/from FCO) will include our service, but it will NOT apply to your delivery address once being legalised.

If you have further queries, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at 0131 460 7023 or [email protected]

 When calculating the amount of time required processing your document(s) please add one more working day for the postal delivery.

Other Consular Services:

If you need us to collect your Chinese passport(s), travel document(s), Hong Kong ID, or other documents in Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh, we will probably charge you £35 as our service fee and then mail it back to you by special delivery. The postage is an additional cost.