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Are you concerned about mailing all original documents to authorities for Chinese visa applications in case of the loss or delay? Are you worried that an individual Chinese visa application could be rejected due to small errors in the visa form? Are you getting confused how to fill out the visa application form? Do you want to get the visa matter sorted in a few hours? Are you only travelling to Shanghai, to stay there up to 30 days? If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then a Shanghai visa might be your best option.

General Information

About Shanghai Landing Visas

A Shanghai Landing visa is totally different from individual visa application in the home country. It is a specific type of visa that is issued to an applicant for the purpose of Tourism or Business in a single entry basis. The visa, which requires applicants to stay in Shanghai up to 30 days, is precisely for entry to into Shanghai two international airports only. If you do not meet these requirements, please browse our page of individual Tourist Visa or Business Visa.

The Shanghai Landing visa is issued in Visa Desk of Arrival Hall in Shanghai Hongqiao or PuDong International Airport just after landing at.

Which countries of passport holders are qualifying for Shanghai Landing visa application?

There are current 22 countries of passport holders who are qualifying for Chinese group visa application.

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

North America:  
Canada and USA

Australia and New Zealand

South Korea

Note: There is no requirement for anyone applying for Shanghai visa to be physically present in the UK when his or her application is made. Ex: You can apply for a Shanghai visa in Greece or other countries if you are on holdiay.

What documents are required?

Shanghai Tourist Visa:

  1. Scan of Passport Information Page
  2. Scan of Flight Itinerary to Shanghai (inbound and outbound)
  3. Scan of Shanghai Hotel or Hostel Reservation
  4. Reasons to Shanghai

Shanghai Business Visa:

  1. Scan of Passport Information Page
  2. Scan of flight itinerary to Shanghai (inbound and outbound)
  3. Scan of Shanghai Hotel Reservation
  4. Invitation Letter issued by Shanghai Company only or others equities.

Fees and Processing Time:

All nationality of passports holders are charged at the same fee, but different fees depend on the processing time.

Fees Schedule:

  • 5 working days processing: £179/traveller
  • 3 working days processing: £239/traveller
  • 18 hours processing: £299/traveller

There is no postage charged. All the orders of Shanghai Landing visa application will be processed online.

Why can we apply for Shanghai Visa on behalf?

Basically, few visa companies in the UK can do it, but we are privileged to offer the type of visa service here. Our professional ability, highly impressed by Chinese authorities, is practised under intensive training through i2visa, owned by British Chinese people naturalised with higher education. These factors including strong resources in China make us exclusively powerful in the particular visa industry.

Any Questions:

Please drop us an email at [email protected] Alternatively, please telephone us at 0131 460 7023.