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As an organiser, are you shocked at paying the SAME visa fees for each traveller of your group, as for an individual visa fee? Are you concerned about mailing a bulk of all original passports to authorities for Chinese visa applications? Is it inconvenient for all members of your Group to apply individually for Chinese visas for travelling to major British cities in person? Are you worried that an individual Chinese visa application of one or more members in your group could be rejected due to small errors in the form? If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then a Chinese group visa might be your best option.

General Information

Overview of Chinese Group visa

A group visa application is totally different from individual visa application. It is a specific type of visa that is issued to a tourist group which consists of minimum TWO members. (In the past the group minimum was 5 people.) Any group of 2 or more people ,  must travel TOGETHER in ENTRY & EXIT of mainland China for the exact SAME TIME and SAME DAY. In other words, one visa covers all members for IN-OUT of mainland China in all same move. A group visa application is NOT bound to any package holidays. Ex: a couple will be allowed to enter China with group visa by themselves. Absolutely, it is not necessary for the group to be accompanied by a tour guide.

The unique Chinese Group visa is precisely for entry into China only once for the purpose of TOURISM and maximum 21 days stay, that on the condition that HOTEL RESERVATION has been confirmed for each night stay in mainland China. If you don't meet these requirements, please browse our page of individual TOURIST VISA or VISITOR VISA. The very competitive fee for either individual tourist or visitor visa is from £175 (all incl.) per applicant (Fee Match Guarantee).

The Group visa is issued in a Tourist Group Form rather than an individual Chinese visa affixed to an original passport, so NO ORIGINAL PASSPORT and PHOTO are required for Chinese Group visa application.

Important Note: Unfortunately, international Cruise Ship calling at any Chinese Ports is NOT part of Chinese Group Visa scheme. Please visit our page of CRUISE SHIP VISA. Fees for an individual visa of cruise ship, starts from £175 (all incl.) per applicant (Fee Match Guarantee). 

Which countries of passport holders are qualifying for Chinese group visa application?

There are current 22 countries of passport holders who are qualifying for Chinese group visa application.

Europe:   Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

North America:   Canada and USA

Oceania:   Australia and New Zealand

Asia:   South Korea

Note: There is no requirement for any group members applying for Chinese group visa to be physically present in the UK when their application is made.

However, please note that individual visa application (instead of group visa application) requires applicants to be present in the UK during the period of visa application.

What documents are required?

Option 1:

Group visa is issued by Chinese Embassy in the UK

Documents to be required for Group Visa Application:

  1. Official visa notification for head office of the following state owned Travel Agency:
    China Travel Service (CTS) China International Travel Service (CITS) Chinese National Tourist Office (CNTO) or other Chinese Provincial Tourist Bureaus
  2. Completed Tourist Group Form (Please see the below 'start order now' in the green bar.)
  3. Colourful scan of legible passport information page of each member, and the scan should be the 2 pages personal information (Passport in validity over 6 months beyond the date of leaving for China)

Option 2:

Group visa is issued by State Council in China.

Documents to be required if you do not have a visa notification from a state owned Travel Agency:

  1. Colourful scan of legible passport information page of each member, and the scan should be of the 2 pages personal information (Passport in validity over 6 months beyond the date of leaving for China)
  2. Return flight (inbound and outbound) confirmation booking with each member
  3. Hotel reservation of every night stay in mainland China
  4. A list of  all travellers of the group (Please see the green bar 'start order now' below.)
Documents to be required for Chinese Group Visa regarding SCHOOL Trip orCOLLEGE Tour
  1. Colourful scan of legible passport information page of each member, and the scan should be of the 2 pages personal information (Passport in validity over 6 months beyond the date of leaving for China)
  2. Return flight (inbound and outbound) confirmation booking with each member
  3. Chinese school accommodation or home stay of Chinese family (A confirmation of letter from the Chinese school as an organiser)
  4. Itinerary of Chinese travel (dates and cities included)
  5. A list of all travellers of the group (Please see the green bar 'start order now' below.)
  6. At least one adult (aged over 21) listed into the entire group for Chinese group visa application.
  • Once a Group visa application is approved in China, the authorised group visa will be securely mailed by our Chinese partner.
  • However early your group visa application is requested, the original authorised Group Visa Form will only arrive at your hand between 5 and 7 days ahead of your departure, according to your flight schedule provided.
  • Group visa is usually valid 30 days from the date of issue, but all members of the group will only stay in mainland China up to 21 days.
  • All the members will have to apply for Chinese Group Visa at least 15 days ahead of leaving for mainland China.
  • If you join in an international cruise ship (excluding domestic cruise ship) in China or calling at a Chinese port by an international cruise ship (excluding domestic cruise ship), unfortunately you'll NOT qualify for Chinese Group Visa application. Regarding the individual cruise ship visa application, please see our page of Chinese visa of CRUISE SHIP.

Payment methods

We accept bank transfer, cheque and postal order without any commission charges. We also accepted debit card and credit card, but commission charge (3.5%&+£0.3) by PayPal will be subject to apply. The payment will be requested once your applications are accepted.

Tip: It’s better to apply for it at the same time to save penies. 

Please see our fees page of individual Chinese visa instead of the above fees of Chinese Group Visa.

What will you receive before your departure?

You will by DHL receive an original authorised Tourist Group Form affixed a Chinese Group Visa covering the exact number of travellers. When all the travellers of the group plan to China, they should bring with their own original passports (which are used for Chinese group visa application) along with mailed original authorised Chinese Group Visa. Alternatively, please browse at, to type 'Chinese Group Visa', to scroll down a bit, then you'll probably find some images of 'Chinese Group Visa.'

What are the differences between Chinese group visa and individual visa?

  Photograph Visa Application Form When to receive a travelling visa Residency Cruise ship Fees all inclusive     Nationality
Group Visa  No No Around 7 days ahead of travelling Anywhere in the world Domestic  cruise only Lower Fee     22 nationals only
Individual Visa Yes Yes Anytime before travelling In the UK only Any cruise ships fr. £175 per head     Any nationals in the world


  Passport Visa Type Entry Type Duration of Stay No. of Travellers Flight Details             Hotel Reservation
Group Visa  Copy of passport Tourism only  Single Entry only up to 21 days Two or more Confirmed             Booking of every night
Individual Visa Original passport Any types of visa Ex: Business Any possible entries Ex: Multi-entry up to 90 days One or more Confirmed             Booking of first night

Why can we apply for Chinese Group Visa on behalf?

Basically, few visa companies in the UK can do it, but we are privileged to offer the type of visa service here. Our professional ability, highly impressed by Chinese authorities, is practised under intensive training through i2visa, owned by British Chinese people naturalised with higher education. These factors including strong resources in China make us exclusively powerful in the particular industry.

Any Questions:

Please drop us an email at [email protected] Alternatively please telephone us at 0131 285 0909.

Our i2visa Solution

countries outlineThousands of travellers are using our Chinese visa service in the UK. With our boundless energy and commitment, professional ability and dedication spirit, we are fully responsible to process your order quickly, securely and easily in a cost effective way.

We submit your application as fast as possible. 28 hours Emergency Service---UK Exclusive Service provided by i2visa UK

Your document is securely handed to Chinese visa authority. Your private information and contact details are strictly protected by our visa consultants.

Any visa enquiries can be reached by phone and email including out of business hours and public holiday.

Why pay more? We offer transparency in fees shown the above table and take very reasonable service fees. No Hidden Fee. No Small Print.

What's next?

Step One

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Step Two

Mail your documents by Special Delivery Royal Mail to i2visa UK Ltd, Conference House, 152 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EB. We will email you the receipt of confirmation and contact you if additional documents need to be required as well as payment link via PayPal if you are using online card payment. Please check your junk or spam folders if this email doesn't turn up as expected before contacting us.

Please note that charges may apply for in-house concierge service if you prefer to drop off your application in person in our office.

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