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Where to submit Chinese visa application?

Where to submit Chinese visa application?

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Most nationals including British nationals need a travelling visa for China. All the Chinese visas are issued in the Chinese Embassy of London, or Chinese General Consulate of Manchester or Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh. However, all Chinese visas are obtained by Chinese Visa Application Service Centre (CVASC) in London, Manchester or Edinburgh. Thus, whether individuals or visa agencies submit all the Chinese visa applications to CVASC. In the UK, there are the following THREE official authorities to be submitted.

CVASC office in London: 12 Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8DU Tel: 020 7710 6000

CVASC office in Manchester: First Floor, 75 Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3HR Tel: 0161 236 1070

CVASC office in Edinburgh: 2nd Floor, 19, Canning Street, Exchange Tower, Edinbugh, EH3 8EG Tel: 0131 229 2519

Since Januarary 2016, if a British national applies for a single-entry visa for China, the fee charged by Chinese visa application service centre (CVASC) has been £151 (4 working days) in person or others, or £175 by using a postal service (up to 10 working days). Chinese group visa, which fee is much lower than individual visa and simpler documents, may be your best choice. For more information on China Group visa, please visit at https://www.i2visa.co.uk/chinese-visa/group-visa.html.

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