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Facebook Live Interview With TEFL Org UK

On Friday 23 February 2018 Joey and Abi joined TEFL Org UK for a Facebook Live interview, answering an array of questions on the Chinese visa and document legalisation process. We talked about the documents you need to supply for your application, how long the visa process takes, and the difference between legalisation and authentication. You can find the full interview at TEFL Org UK

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Chinese Consulate of Edinburgh Closure for Chinese New Year 2018

Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh will close between this Friday (16th) and the following Monday (19th). If you have any urgent visa application you'll have to apply for it before 16th Feb otherwise you'll have to come back after 19th Feb. i2visa wishes everyone to have a wonderful Chinese New Year 2018 (Year of Dog).

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Beijing Tianjin HeBei offers 144 hours visa fee transit

Since Shanghai region started to offer 144 hours visa free transit we have seen another region Beijing that has joined the scheme with Tianjin and Hebei province as well. The visa policy will probably help more people to visit China especially cruise passengers that usually calls at Tianjin's harbour in excursion to Beijing for one or two days. People could avoid Chinese visa application to pay a visit to mainland China so that people could know about China development.

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New Chinese visa centre opened in Lebanon

Chinese visa application service centre working VFS Global opened new centre in Lebanon's capital, helping local residents to get a visa for China in most conveniences. 

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Chinese visa application oversea

Chinese visa service centre has set up over in Lagos since September 2017, and it will facilitate more local applicants to get visas for China.

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