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Merry Christmas of 2020

With the arrival of Christmas, we are wrapping up an unusual year. 2020 has been quite a year, and there is hope of more positive times to look forward to.
We at i2visa UK Ltd believe in the need to keep celebrating. To keep travelling and discovering new horizons, please let us connect with each other very soon. Indeed masks don't cover our smiles.
We are pound that the i2visa has helped to keep clients moving and travelling during such a challenging time. At the height of the pandemic we offered the valued Chinese visa/flight information to the hopeless customers to ensure that they could have a big family reunion or start a desired teaching job as soon as possible. From March (UK lockdown) until now, we have achieved the scale of up to 2000 customers moving from UK to China with our help even though there has had very strict rules of entry for China.
It has been heartening to hear from our clients about how our team has helped. Many of them left excellent reviews at our website and told their friends about us. We sincerely appreciated their acknowledge of our service.
This year's holiday season could differ from the previous years as restrictions and regulations can't be lifted up during the period. But we'd like to thank you for your ongoing support and continue enjoying your life. From the bottom of our hearts, MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Joey Zhou
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