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Transit Visa free in 72 hours

China Transit Visa Free in 72 hours

In order to accommodate the international visitors' short stay in China, 72-Hour Visa Free Transit policy is launched in many Chinese cities or ports. These days, 18 Chinee cities follow this policy of visa-free transit in China. This policy allows transit passengers with passport of 51 countries to stay for up to 72 hours without a visa on direct transit. British and Irish nationals are in the list of 51 countries fortuanately. More details are

Shanghai Transit visa free in 144 hours

Shanghai government carries out 144 hours transit free for British and Irish nationals. If you are transiting through a port in Shanghai, and travelling on a third country within 144 hours, you'll enjoy the policy of 144 hours visa free. More details are

Regarding some special cases, i2visa suggest that you should check with Chinese Embassy or General Consulate or Chinese Visa Application Service Centre before travelling to China for the guaranteed transit free.

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Closure of Russian Consulate in 2016

Russian Consulate in Edinburgh will close the following dates:

January: 1st Jan, 4 Jan, 5th Jan, 6th Jan, 7th Jan, 8th Jan  (New Year's Holiday and Russian Orthodox Christmas)

February: 22nd - 23rd Feb (Defender of Motherland Day)

March: 7th - 8th March (International Women's Day)

May: 2nd May Early May Bank Holiday

May: 3rd May (Labour Day)

May: 9th May  (Victory Day)

May: 30th May Spring Bank Holiday

June: 13 June Monday (Russia Day)

August: 29 Aug (Summer Bank Holiday)

November: 4th Nov (Day of the National Unity)

December: 26th Dec (Boxing Day)

December: 27th Dec (Christmas Day - Substitute Day)

However, Chinese visa application in Edinburgh will be NOT affected except Christmas period.


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How to get a Chinese tourist group visa from i2visa?

 Visit mainland China with Tourist Group visa

Do you know, if you travel to China for up to 30 days with minimum 2 people (Ex. a couple) with confirmed hotel reservation, you'll probably qualify for Chinese Tourist group visa application.

To qualify the application of Tourist group visa,  you all should enter China minimum 2 travellers as a group and stay with the group for the whole of your visit. The group can be organised by yourselves, or a British or Chinese tour operators.

Documents to be required in the following:

  1. Copies of the current passport
  2. Copy of flight itinerary
  3. Copy of confirmed Chinese hotel reservation
Key Benefits in the following:
1. No original documents required
2. No Chinese visa application form required
3. No photograph required
i2visa's individual visa fee is £175 plus postage, however, our group visa fee is much lower than individual application fee.
Please contact us at 0131 285 0909 directly or email us at [email protected] if you have any further queries or visit our page of Chinese group visa.
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Closure of Indian High Commission in 2016

The High Commission of India in Edinburgh will close the following days:

12th September Monday (Id-ul-Zuha-Bakrid)

11th October Tuesday (Dussehra)

14th November Monday (Guru Nank's Birthday)

26th December Monday (Boxing Day)

Please note: Chinese visa appliations in Edinburgh will NOT be affected these days except Christmas period.

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Closure of Chinese National Day 2016

Chinese National Day is on 1st Oct every year. This year the General Chinese Consulate in Edinburgh and Chinese visa application service centre will be close from 1st Oct till 5th Oct 2016. If you have urgent application, please make it in advance. Thanks!

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