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Authenticating UK Documents For Qatar

We have recently done quite a few applications for UK documents to be authenticated by Qatar Embassy in the UK on behalf of our clients. If you have any questions about this service please feel free to enquire us at [email protected] or telephone us at 0131 460 7023.

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English Teachers for China

English Teachers for Kindergarten in China

1. Qualification:

  1. Native English speaker from Britain or Ireland
  2. Major in early childhood education or drama or art preferred
  3. Two years kids teaching experience strongly prefeered and TESOL certifciation is a plus
  4. Age between 24 and 40 years old

2. Job Descriptions

  1. Kids' age: 2 - 6 years old
  2. Class size: 20 - 30 students
  3. Teaching hours: around 25 hours per week
  4. Two days off per week
  5. Class teaching and preparation of related work
  6. To accomplish assignments allocated by teaching manager
  7. To attend trainings, meetings and company's activities/events
  8. To participate in student activities and meet parents
  9. To continuously learn up-to-date class and self-created class improve
  10. To maintian good relationship with class members and their parents

3. Compensation

  1. Basic Salary: 13,000 - 18,000 RMB/month
  2. Housing allowance: 2000 - 3000 RMB/month
  3. 5,000 RMB reimbursement for documents processed for Chinese visa application
  4. Flight Ticket Reimbursement for 1st year: 6000 RMB
  5. Contract Reneal Bonus: 5000 RMB
  6. Medical and Accident Insurance included
  7. Up to 5 days free hotel provided to settle down in the city
  8. Free upfront flight ticket for recent graduates in 2019/2020
  9. 11 days public holiday/year, 2 days off per week, summer and winter vacations
  10. On-going training and professional development
  11. Career development opportunities in teaching, course development and regional trainer

4. Our Support

  1. Interview guidance and arrageement
  2. Visa guidance and advisor
  3. Pre-training: Orientation, Chinese Culture, Mandarin Learning and Teaching Methodology
  4. Airport pick-up and Hotel arrangement upon arrival
  5. Apartment rent support
  6. City life introduction and guidance
  7. Activities and engagement



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Authentication Service Ongoing

Despite the recent Chineese announcement that Chinese visa applications have been temporarily suspended, our authentication service for China or other countries will still operate until furhter notice. i2visa on 07th November 2020

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Covid-19 Test before Departure

From 7th Nov 2020, all travellers entering China from UK (direct/indirect flights) will require a 'HS (Health Statement) Certificate' issued by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in the UK which can be done by submitting 1. nucleic acid test; and 2. serum-specific IgM antibodies test. The two tests should be completed within 48 hours before the passenger boarding. All will NOT be able to get onboard to any flights into mainland China without the HS certificate. i2visa

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Normal Business Hours - No Change

The Scottish government has announced the stricter restriction on pubs and restaurant from the evening of 9th Oct 2020 against the second wave of corona virus but hasn't imposed the full lockdown nationwide entirely. Thus our company will have operated our business on normality as usual. i2visa on 08.10.2020

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