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The economy of sports industry has developed in the UK for many years. The export of professional coaching service and quality equipment is recognised in the world. According to the source of Reuters, Chinese President Xi Jinping during the period of state visit said in Manchester that China would hopefully straighten cooperation and exchanges in the area of sports. Almost in the same month, Chancellor Osborne pledged £3 million to bankroll football coaching in China. Apart from the aspect of football, their cooperation and exchanges in the development of more sports could reach Sino-UK sport boost.

In the next few years, China will hold several world sports events. 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics are multi-sport events to be organised in Beijing, China. 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup will be hosted in China and described that it will mark a new era for the competition. In addition, F1 Grand Prix, ATP Tennis Rolex Master, Golf BMW Master Tournament and Snooker and Badminton China Open are annually hosted in China.


i2visa UK Ltd has operated Chinesesport visas service for a good few of sport clubs, sports agency or sports associations, freelance professional players and their assistants since 2013 and has a great depth of experience in solving these sportvisas or others issue for sport account holders. These visas can be processed as even faster as 28 hours turnaround. Under present and future prosperous of sports industry between two countries, we believe that we will absolutely give these professionals a piece of mind without any hassle before travelling to China for the purpose of sports related activities or event.

The practical experienced, proven ability and comprehensive knowledge allows us to work closely with these organisers to get all visas relating the sports quickly and securely. The category of visa can be divided into two types (match/competition and non-match/competition visa). So, we are dedicated to provide these professionals with the following type of visas:

  • l  Match/Competition visa (F-style visa)
  • l  Match/Competition related visa (F-style visa)
  • l  Sports business visa (M-style visa)

Security and Support

Passport and visa security is our highest priority when it comes to Chinese or Indian visa application. Every aspect of the passport delivery and storage is risk assessed. Our visa specialists pay attention to details and keep you post all the way through. We will work closely with you from the initial contact to the post-delivery feedback to ensure that the applications of sports related professionals are fully not only supported, but also completely satisfied with every aspect of the visa application. Our passport security is our top concern and its procedure has been systematically developed and followed by our qualified member of staff.

Privacy Policy

The protection of personal information and data of every sportsman, athlete or player or their assistants are very important to us. Any company information and personal data provided by any sports account holders to i2visa UK Ltd in using our visa service will be held and processed in accordance with the data protection principles set out in Data Protection Act 1998 for the purposes of meeting the legitimate interest. More details at our Privacy Policy.

Tailor-made solution for sports related professionals

We know that every sport account holder has different needs and purpose of visiting China. It aims each objective to be reached for sports related professionals such as attending match/competition or sport event, or advertising/match campaign, or sports coaching business. Our urgent and courier services are widely used. Our urgency means that we will get you a visa within 28 hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday). And courier services is regarded as ‘Door to Door’ service for pick up and drop off. As a result, what it takes to reach your objective, i2visa will be prepared to provide you with both best quality visa application service and the solution of tourism in China, translation and transportation.

Account Benefit

  • l  All types of payment methods including Bacs payment
  • l  Two weeks payment term
  • l  Tailor-made solution
  • l  Sales discount

One of sports professionals we work with

Mr. Stephen Hendry, 7 times World Championship Title

Our dedicated visa service and courier service is annually ordered by Mr. Hendry, so our flexible approach, knowledgeable and experienced team is the reason Mr. Hendry has chosen to work with us for a good few years. Mr. Hendry agreed to disclose the picture with Joey and information he is using our service.