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Other Countries' Documents Legalisation

Getting USA Documents Legalised for other countries

We are able to get your USA documents legalised for all the countries in the world like China, Vietnam and Thailand etc. The countries are the common request in the last few years we have experienced.

What are USA documents for legalisation?

Personal documents: Degree or Master Certificate, PHDs or Diploma Qualifications or other Academic Reports, Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate etc.

Business documents: Certificate of Incorporation, Power of Attorney, Tax Returns, Partnership Agreement, Company Registers, or Certificate of Name Change etc.

If I don’t live in USA, can my USA documents be legalised for China or UAE or other countries?

Yes certainly. There is no jurisdiction for documents to be legalised in USA. Our partners ensure that these documents will be submitted to the right embassy for legalisation.

Three main steps of TWO WAYS for your consideration:


Step 1a) Certificate of Acknowledgment: The document(s) will be certified by our partner notary public (either in Los Angeles or New York or Chicago). The certificate will be attached to the back of the document(s) after being certified.

Step 1b) Certificate of Authentication: The document(s) will be authenticated by Secretary of State to verify the validity of signature in the document.


Step 2a) Apostille Certificate: The certified document(s) will be apostilled by Secretary of State which is based in Los Angeles or New York or Chicago.

Step 2b) Apostille Certificate: The authenticated document(s) will be apostilled by US Department of State.


Step 3a) Consulate Legalisation: Our partner will get your documents submitted to the right Consulate.

Step 3b) Embassy Legalisation: Our partner will get your documents submitted to the right Embassy.

We can’t explain to the detailed procedure for security reason. The overall process is quite complicated and challenging but we ensure that your USA documents will be legalised without any problem. For example, the required documents for degree certificate as followed:

·         Copy of degree certificate (no original degree certificate unless the special occasion happens)

·         Copy of passport information page

Regarding the fees and timeframe please contact us directly at