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Recognisation & Registration with These Institutions

To apply with your bolstered confidence and our greatest effort.

All the payment that you made, passports that you handed or mailed and other documents submitted in advance for your visa application and the attestation of UK documents are fully protected when you place order with us. If you decide to utilise our visa and documents services, we’ll absolutely deliver it with our ‘heart and soul’ in credibility and accountability and will probably take a service charge, namely handling fee, which relates to Chinese visa or authentication consultation and advice, document checked before submission as well as delivery of passport and visa and other documents in security and safety. Please believe us that we can deliver it!

Chinese Visa Application Services CenterA recognised visa business by CVACS (Chinese Consulate/Embassy)

We are a visa business recognised and registered by Chinese Visa Application Service Centre (CVASC), where all applications of Chinese visa or apostilled documents are officially accepted and submitted in. We have provided them with our business' documents with legal binding to do registration with CVASC. We are obliged to maintain a highest standard of Chinese visa application or attesting service to our clients.

A recognised passport business by His Majesty Passport Office (HMPO)HMPO

We are a professional UK passport business recognised by Glasgow's HMPO. We have successfully done hundreds of new passports renewal on our clients' behalf in the last 10 years. 

A registered business account with Legalisation Office (FCDO)FCO

We are a professional company registered by Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) for legalisation. Our business account with them allows us to process these applications in priority. In special circumstances like Covid-19, we've processed a large amount of legalisation applications for our clients in the difficult time. 

As a passport/visa/document business we always do these applications with these institutions which i2visa UK has registered with. These registrations allow us to have the enough appointments for our clients at a fast turnaround.