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Our ethos:

The culture of legal, value of faith, principle of safety and security, and spirit of hard-working underpin everything we aim to do.

Our mission statement:

The mission of i2visa, based on our culture and value, is to deliver (a) travelling visa(s) service to client(s) with our ‘heart and soul’, who are ready to influence the tourism, economy, education, entertainment and sports, to build quicker connection and links with peace of mind between UK and China.

Our story:

Since founded by our director who saw a need for a better visa service, he has realised his expertise and business acumen combined with a relatively untapped market were the perfect match for success in this field. He have been involving in the visa industry for more than 5 years and used to work for Chinese visa application service centre (CVASC) London and Edinburgh office successively, official drop-off points for visa application.

In 2013, we decided to go it alone and create a family-run company to serve UK residents---quite a frightening thought but it’s turned out to be best decision that my wife and myself have ever made. We stick to providing our customers with the best visa solution we possibly can deliver as low overheads and operational cost as possible. As a result, our customers get a travelling visa in a cost-effective way---value for money. We work closely with our clients in ‘glove in hand’ to guide and help them how to get ready for a required documents so that it ends up with optimised solution.

In the autumn of 2015, i2visa became a member of China Britain Business Council (CBBC). In addition, i2visa joined the Association Britain Travel Agency (ABTA) partnership scheme through hard work and great distinction.

People make i2visa:

The growth and success of the business have been propelled by our ethos.i2visa UK Ltd (referred as ‘i2visa’) has partnered with Sky City Travel Ltd based in Glasgow, as solid visa zone between central Scotland, and with Viva Oriental Travel based in Aberdeen (Highland area), serving all local residents in Scotland and others in the rest of United Kingdom and world. We have become one of the largest and strongest; most reliable and reputable visa agencies in the UK, so our team is not only my wife and I, but also a few people with our common goal is joining us.

One of the key points is that we have best people working for us. Our team of visa specialists has experienced a very effective training program of visa knowledge and customer service in the probationary period. These enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced experts like nothing better than to help find you visa solutions or any possibilities to clear away these matters. Our exclusive visa solution, competitive fees, attention to details, tailor-made options, bespoke solution and excellent customer service mark us out of the crowd. These are some reasons why many companies, online and offline travel agencies and schools collaborate closely with us and lots of individual applicants write a 5* review in the site for our agency. Customer service and security are the heart of everything.

Commitment to Excellence:

As a team leader who has solely witnessed the growth of our company for up to three years, the ability to solve visa matter, delivery of passport and visa in safety and security, heroic customer service and competitive price in the current market has proved a trump card. If a hotel star rating scheme is converted to our visa industry, we strongly believe that i2vsia has

  • been offering clients the lowest price.
  • delivered high-quality service.
  • been rated as passport and documents security in the highest level.
  • found you the perfect Chinese visa and documents solution.
To us, everyone is very important person (VIP) and everyone is special to us. To maintain the greatest image of our company, we always
  • take every single visa case very seriously.
  • take care of every passport and each travelling visa very carefully.
  • listen to your need very patiently.
  • are committed to protecting your personal information.

The competitive price and quality service and the ability to solve visa issues are based on our strict procedure of passport and visa security. Without the faith and belief of these, we firmly understand what will happen to us eventually. Thus, being committed to excellence in the visa application for individuals, corporates, school groups or others we also ensure that we get you a travelling visa very securely!