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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is i2visa UK Ltd?

i2visa UK Ltd is managed by British nationals in Chinese ethnic, allowing us to perfectly liaison with Chinese visa officials in Chinese visa application service centre (CVASC) and Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh in Mandarin speaking. Our team of staff, all of who has a British or Irish degree level in higher education, originally from Hong Kong, Shanghai and the north part of China, specialised in obtaining travelling visas for use in China or India, so they are proficient in English speaking and writing so as to comprehensively serve UK residents, namely visa applicants.

We are so clear about what we stand for and what we are trying to achieve. The core ideologies of our company include accountability and innovation culture, excellent customer service, delivering exceptional value and so on. The mixture of culture in our company are harnessed by observance of the British law, faith keeping, principle of safety and security, and spirit of hard-working at a fundamental level, so these merit makes us become one of leading visa agencies in the UK. More information is at about us.

What is made up of our Chinese visa fee? Who are Chinese visa authorities?

Our fees section page shows visitors the final figure of a Chinese visa fee without a delivery charge on their convenience. Our Chinese visa fee consists of three parts of fees which are consular fee charge by General Consulate of Edinburgh, visa centre fee charged by Chinese visa application service centre (visa authority) and our handling fee charged reasonably by i2visa UK Ltd. The fees may vary depending on how fast and how many entries you are applying for.

In the UK, Chinese visa authorities are in the following:

  1. Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh
  2. Chinese visa application service centre (CVASC) Edinburgh office
  3. Chinese Embassy of London
  4. Chinese visa application service centre (CVASC) London office

Even though Chinese visa decision is made by Chinese General Consulate in Edinburgh, all the Chinese visa agencies and individuals have to go to Chinese visa application service centre (CVASC) directly to apply for a Chinese visa from June 2008 in the UK. So, a Chinese visa fee always contains consular fee charged by Chinese Consulate and visa centre fee charged by CVASC. A recognised visa agency should have an official account of CVASC and submits its clients’ applications without an appointment. If you are using our service, we will charge some reasonable handling fee in the end.

What is our cancellation and refund policy?

You may get the full refund if you change your mind at the beginning.

Visa application cancellation received before being submitted through Chinese visa application service centre (official visa authority) will be eligible to receive a full refund less the postage of your documents delivery. 

Visa application cancellation received after being submitted through Chinese visa application service centre (CVASC) will be eligible to receive a partial refund (our handling fee) only. This is because both the consular fee and visa centre fee have been taken by General Consulate of Edinburgh and Chinese visa application service centre.

If Chinese or Indian visa is affixed into your passport, you will not be eligible for a refund. More information is at our cancellation and refund policy.

In addition, you will get refund the difference immediately if you do not get an appropriate visa due to Chinese visa policy by Chinese General Consulate, when making a payment of cash, cheque or postal order. We will refund you our service fee immediately if any visa delay is caused by i2visa UK, and you will claim up to £200 immediately if any loss is caused by i2visa UK Ltd.

Is there any hidden costs?

There is absolutely no hidden costs, no secret percentages and processing fees in our company. All the fees displayed in our website are transparent. You will find out consular fee (the total fee of Consulate fee and visa centre fee) and our handling fee in every type of Chinese visa page. Our handling fees are very competitive and value for money in the visa industry, so unfortunately our service charge cannot be negotiable unless you have a corporate account, our partner or special circumstances.

How do you use our visa service? How does i2visa get a travelling visa for you?

Option 1

You or others can walk in our Edinburgh or Glasgow office with an simple appointment.

Option 2:

You can apply online and then mail all the Chinese visa documents to us by Royal Mail Special Delivery or a reliable courier service.

i2visa will get you a travelling visa by submitting your application to Chinese visa centre on your behalf. This eliminates the need for you to visit, communicate and correspond directly with the visa authority. Our visa specialist processes your application at the highest standard in the industry. More information can be found at about us section.

I live in Cornwall, far from Edinburgh. How long does it take to reach Edinburgh?

If you are using Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day Guaranteed Service or other prestigious courier service like DHL or UPS, it takes only one night to reach Edinburgh; even you are currently residing in the Channel Isles.  So, one day turnaround is utilised from anywhere in the UK.

Why you’d better apply for a travelling visa in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is just relatively smaller city comparing to London. But, there is little pollution, lowest crime rate, no daily traffic jam, no overcrowded public transport, no protest rally, even impossible threatened terrorism in Edinburgh. You can walk down the street feeling safely and securely, and smell fresh air with little noise. The atmosphere of Edinburgh is just to make people work such efficiency in everything including Royal Mail and courier service.

It is estimated that the volume of visa applications in Edinburgh should possibly be much smaller than the one in major cities. Thus, every applicant seems to have been treated as very important person (VIP). If you have chance to come over, environment of visa authority in Edinburgh is just amazing and impressive. So, the possibility that visa application is delayed or a passport is damaged or lost by these visa authorities is very low. This is because your application has been successfully avoided such a cram in line with hundreds of other applications. We think that Edinburgh is genuinely your best entry point to China.

Why choose us?

1. Recognition. We are recognised by Chinese visa application service centre (CVASC), an official drop-off point for visa application in the UK. A recognised visa agency can submit the application on your behalf without any appointment. We help applicants to solve any visa matters as soon as possible and assist them when things do not go according to plan.

2. Prime Location. Our Edinburgh office location is very close to Chinese visa application service centre (CVASC) in Edinburgh, about 5 minutes on foot. The advantages of prime location are in the following:

  • Easily unlimited access to CVASC without an appointment
  • Not necessary to mail us by 9am if you are applying for an urgent visa
  • Little risk management

3. Fees. We offer the most competitive handling fee to our clients. All the fees in the market are unbeatable due to the small scale of operation and lower overheads. Cost comparison available in the main search engine, our fees are cost effective in our confidence over other competitors.

4. Ability. We have enhanced strength to solve some Chinese visa issues and meet your need such as updating Chinese visa policy frequently and fastest turnaround. Joey used to work in Chinese visa application service centre (CVASC) London and Edinburgh office. His comprehensive knowledge and experience can find you a best solution.

5. Flexibility. Our quick response is flexible to any enquiries, problems and challenges. We have little hierarchy, so our procedures to visa application, cancellation or refund are efficient by reaching a quick decision.

6. Relation.  (i) To customers: You are not only our clients, but only you are our friends. Since we launched our business, we have had very good personal relationship with our individual customers, corporate and school client. We talk about economy, travel, food, beverage, and weather, anything we are interested in.

                        (ii) To suppliers: We know we are dealing with official department issuing a Chinese visa. Even though we are not affiliated with any visa authorities and government body, our team pays attention to details and communicated actively with visa officials by building stronger relationship for two-way information flow, allowing us to keep visa policies updated frequently.

7. Fastest. We offer our business customers or others for Chinese visa application as fast as 28 hours turnaround, if you are genuinely urgent. This is exclusive service only provided by us in the UK. You will probably not find the solution in other place.

8. Care. Every customer is very important person (VIP) to us. We take care of every case very seriously. Customer care is the heart of everything in i2visa. We care about our image and reputation, your feedback, updated visa policy, delivery, visa processing, passport safety and security and the protection of personal information, everything relating to us.

9. Protection. Your privacy is important to us. Your personal information is strictly protected by i2visa. We will not sell this information to anyone or any party. All the information will not be store, afterwards will be deleted and shredded after approval of visa.

10. No subscription required. Even though the model is widely now used by many businesses and websites, we think that Chinese visa policy is not changed so frequently, so we do not want to bother you so much via email. If you have any updated visa enquiries, we promise that we will response you in the same day. If you need view any offer or promotion, our enhanced website as first entry point will provide you with details information and news.

11. Partnership/Membership.  We have partnered with ABTA (Association of British Travel Agency) members. We have enhanced relations with Members of the Association and increase the perception and professionalism of the travel agency. In addition, we become a member of CBBC (China Britain Business Council) which means that we joined the network with business leader and industry experts to China.

12. Variety.  

  • Emergent service, Urgent service and Express service
  • Personal solution (Pickup Service, Concierge Service and Drop-off service)
  • Payment method options variety
  • Discount of multi-visa application (China and India, or other service)
  • Tailor-made solutions (Glasgow and Edinburgh Airport and Railway Greet and Meet)

13. Expansion. We are an expanding visionary company, currently two offices (Edinburgh and Glasgow), a professional and reliable family-run business. The more we set up offices geographically, the better and most comprehensive we serve the local customers with our ‘heart and soul’.

What types of payment do we accept?

We accept payment of CASH, CHEQUE, POSTAL ORDER, BACS and DEBIT/CREDIT CARD by PayPal. Cash, Cheque, postal order, and bank transfer do not have any extra charge, however, debit card, credit card or Amex payment is charged at (3.5%&+£0.3) commission charge of the total fee. Once your visa application is submitted, an email of payment link by PayPal will be sent to your inbox, probably direct to junk box if you do not receive it inbox regarding the online card payment. PayPal can accept all major cards even if you don't have an account with them.

What kind of the visa services does i2visa UK offer?

  • Website containing information related to Chinese and Indian visa application
  • Online and offline filling in the visa application form
  • Extended business hours for submission and enquiries by phone or email
  • Postal application in availability if you cannot make it in person
  • Personal service in availability if you prefer us to collect documents
  • Legalisation and authentication service
  • UK passport application service
  • Russian visa, Chinese passport/travel document, Hong Kong ID pickup service
  • Know-how in-house concierge service
  • Passport-size photo developing service

What are our delivery options?

  • A self-address prepaid special delivery envelop enclosed by you.
  • Royal Mail Special DeliveryNext Day Guaranteed Service by 1pm for extra £8
  • Royal Mail Special DeliveryNext Day Guaranteed Service by 9am for extra £20
  • Royal Mail Special DeliverySaturday Guaranteed Service by 1pm for extra £12
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery Saturday Guaranteed Service by 9am for extra £25
    • Personal service from just £25 to drop off it in the specific address provided                                                                                                                                                                                
  • DHL courier service within the UK for extra £15 on weekdays
  • Collected by own courier to pick it up
  • Collected in person or other authorised person

Shall I have to submit my original passport for Chinese visa application?

Yes, you should submit your original passport for individual visa application because the Chinese visa will be affixed into your original passport.

If you are applying for Chinese Group Visa, you don't submit your original one. Instead the photocopies of all the member in this group are accepted.

When is the best time to submit your application?

It is best time to apply for a Chinese visa one or two months before the date of travelling to China. If you are leaving the UK for the third country and are about to arrive in China between 4 or 5 months, you will probably be able to apply for a Chinese visa as early as six months or more, as long as you are physically present in the UK.

If I am an Australian traveller staying in the UK for a short period, shall I be eligible to apply for a Chinese visa in Edinburgh? Shall a French passport holder apply for a Chinese visa in person?

Yes, as long as you are physically present in the UK. Not necessary, we can help French citizens to get a Chinese visa instead of going to visa authorities in person, by mailing your documents for application. By the way, we can help all the EU/EEA/CH or most non-EU/EEA/CH citizens to get a Chinese visa in Edinburgh.

Shall I need an appointment to visa application?

As a recognised visa agency, we daily submit the applications on behalf of clients without an appointment. If you individually go and submit the application by yourself, an appointment should be made in advance.

Why you’d better entrust a professional visa agency to submit your application on your behalf, if you geographically live in the place far from Chinese Consulate?

  • Save you at least two working days (drop-off and pick-up)
  • Save you at least two journeys expense (drop-off and pick-up)
  • Avoid traffic jam and parking inconvenience in the city centre
  • No appointment upfront and no queue in the visa centre
  • Complex issues or visa matter solved by a professional visa agency
  • Dedicated call centre and quick response in email, phone, live chat
  • Extended non-business hours including Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday
  • Check your documents before your application is submitted to avoid any delay or even reject or denial caused by insufficient documents
  • 28 hours’ emergency service, 48 hours’ urgent service and 72 hours’ express service provided
  • Save much time and money
  • Tailor-made solution

What are requirements of an applicant who is under 18 years old?

One of parents, a guardian or a teacher will responsibly fill out the section 5 of the application form about children’s details and sign and date it in the bottom. If the applicant is under 6 years or below, his or her birth certificate should be provided along with other documents.

Why are we able to provide clients with Chinese 28 hours emergency service, however others aren’t? Why is our 48 hours urgency service different from others?

The 28 hours service doesn’t officially exist in the UK. The specific application is submitted and then processed in special circumstances in Edinburgh ONLY. If you provide us with your genuine reason of urgency, the 28 hours’ emergency service will probably be accepted. According to our personal knowledge and experience in the industry, 28 hours’ emergency service is exclusively provided by i2visa in the UK.

Regarding to our 48 hours urgent service, we do not require our clients to come or to mail us your documents by 9am in the day. It is fine that we receive them by 1pm in the afternoon. Thus, you can provide us with additional documents during the whole morning if these supporting documents are still insufficient. This is because our prime location is geographically close enough to reach Chinese visa authority, 5 minutes away on foot. In addition, the cut-off time for urgency in Chinese visa application service centre (CVASC) in Edinburgh is around 2pm in the afternoon rather than 12pm at noon in London.

Why is our handling fee very competitive?

We run our business in low overheads and in a small scale of operation in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Ex: we take a walk to Chinese visa centre, just 5 minutes away on foot instead of public transport or private car. Our location is great and office management is efficient, but our rental in Edinburgh is much lower than in London. We don’t believe that lower fee is absolutely equivalent to poor quality. We hope that our clients will enjoy value for money (VFM), not only on the minimum order fee but also on the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of your order.

i2visa’s image and reputation is paramount at every aspect including reasonable handling fee. Our strategy isn’t based on advertising hype; it sells by word of mouth. We hope that our clients would rather get a Chinese visa and enjoy a lowest cost of all.

Why are we able to guarantee a two-year Chinese visa application?

The question is quite similar to ‘why we are able to provide you with exclusive 28 hours’ emergency service?’ This is to say that our solution of Chinese visa (Multiple Entries 2 Years) will then be according to the current visa policy by Chinese General Consulate of Edinburgh. For example, an applicant has been to China for several times so that the possibility to get a two-year Chinese visa is very high. In another words, as long as we accept your order in terms of your condition, we will guarantee a visa application of Multiple Entries 2 Years.

Do you need a Chinese visa to Hong Kong or Macau?

No. British and Irish nationals travel to Hong Kong or Macau without a Chinese visa. If you need go to Shenzhen or Zhuhai for one day only during the period of stay in Hong Kong or Macau, you will need a Chinese visa.

Do you need a special permit to XiZang Autonomous Region (Tibet)?

Yes. You should get a Tibet permit before applying for a Chinese visa, if you plan to Xizang Autonomous Region (Tibet).

Is your company registered in the UK?

Yes. Our company called i2visa UK Ltd is registered in the UK. Registration number is SC464380 in Scotland. Please find us at the website of Company House.

What is Fee Match Guarantee at i2visa?

We love value for money, so our fees on our site is highly competitive in the UK. Our fees on the site of i2visa.co.uk depends on the number of ENTRIES, the type of SERVICE and a variety of NATIONALITY. We will match the difference between our fees and the fees you found on the other competitors' site (These competitors MUST submit the visa applications on behalf of their customers in the Chinese Embassy in London, General Chinese Consulate in Manchester and Edinburgh ONLY.)  at the SAME VISA APPLIATION, SAME ENTRIES, SAME SERVICE and SAME NATIONALITY with the condition in a 15-day window and UK market ONLY after you get your passport and visa at hand.