Urgent Solution

48 Hours Individual Chinese Visa Service 

18 Hours Landing visa (Shanghai Airport only)

  • Shanghai Landing visa in 18 hours service (Please click here)
  • Chinese visa in 48 hours urgent service

We believe that time is precious.  i2visa can submit Chinese visa application in the lunchtime on your behalf; you could receive your passport back within 48 hours as required. Please let us run against time.

If we receive your mail of visa application on Monday by 11am, we promise that we will receive your passport and visa back 2 working days (Wednesday) as an urgent service. If you want us to securely mail passport and visa back to your UK address, we guarantee that you will receive it at hand in the following working day (Thursday) by 9am or 1pm.

We would immediately deal with your Chinese visa application as urgently required, when we receive your documents.  In the case of any insufficiency, we strongly recommend that you could contact us directly at 0131 460 7023 for the preparation of your supporting documents.  For Chinese visa application, the premium solution is the shortest time to get you a Chinese visa over the other agencies in the UK.

Fee Match Guarantee

If you find our fees higher than our competitors located in the UK only, we will match the difference between our fees and the fees you found on the site of other competitors, which MUST submit the visa applications on behalf of their customers in the Chinese Embassy in London, General Chinese Consulate in Manchester or Edinburgh only at the SAME VISA APPLIATION, SAME ENTRIES, SAME SERVICE and SAME NATIONALITY with the condition in a 15-day window and UK market only after you get your passport and visa at hand.

Documents to be required

Our urgent solution will ask you to provide us with the following documents required by General Chinese Consulate in Edinburgh, which are shown as follows:

  Passport Photo *Form Supporting Documents
Tourist visa A valid passport over 6 months A passport-size photograph
  1. Chinese visa application form
  2. i2visa order form
  3. Declaration form
 1. An air flight booking (around trip)
 2. A hotel reservation
Business visa A valid passport over 6 months A Passport-size photograph
  1. Chinese visa application form
  2. i2visa order form
  3. Declaratiion form
 1. A business invitation letter issued by a Chinese supplier
Study visa A valid passport over 6 months A passport-size photograph
  1. Chinese visa application form
  2. i2visa order form
  3. Declaration form
 1. An admission notice by a Chinese university or college
 2. JW201 or JW202 form (X1 visa only)
Work visa A valid passport over 12 months A passport-size photograph
  1. Chinese visa application form
  2. i2visa order form
  3. Declaration form
 1. A copy of work permit or alien employment license
Private visa A valid passport over 6 months A passport-size photograph
  1. Chinese visa application form
  2. i2visa order form
  3. Declaration form
 1. An invitation letter issued by a Chinese citizen or a foreign resident who is working or studying in mainland China now

*We can do passport-size photograph cropping service via email if you do not have it at the moment.

*An original passport is required, and everything else’s documents may be done in a copied basis via email.

*Three types of forms will be downloaded in a basis of PDF document once you click the ‘starts order now’ button. The Chinese visa application form must be completed electronically.

Schedule of Fees

The following fees are collected by i2visa UK Ltd for the breakdown of Consular fee, visa centre fee and our service fee for all nationals excluding Brazilian, Canadian and USA citizen.

Others: All nationals list in the world but exclude British, Brazilian, Canadian and USA nationals, and British nationals'fee is underlined on its own.

Services British  Single Entry Double Entries 6 months Multiple Entries 6 months Multiple Entries 12 months
28 Hours N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
48 Hours £265 (up to 2 years) £250 (Other countries) £265 (Other countries) £295 (Other countries) £345 (Other countries)

* Please note that you'll need to send us the required documents either for the guaranteed delivery by 9am or by 1pm. We usually receive mails around 11.00am on weekday. And the cut-off time of visa centre is around 1pm from Monday to Friday. 

Any Questions

Please contact us at 0131 460 7023 or email us at [email protected]

Our i2visa Solution

countries outlineThousands of travellers are using our Chinese visa service in the UK. With our boundless energy and commitment, professional ability and dedication spirit, we are fully responsible to process your order quickly, securely and easily in a cost effective way.

We submit your application as fast as possible. 28 hours Emergency Service---UK Exclusive Service provided by i2visa UK

Your document is securely handed to Chinese visa authority. Your private information and contact details are strictly protected by our visa consultants.

Any visa enquiries can be reached by phone and email including out of business hours and public holiday.

Why pay more? We offer transparency in fees shown the above table and take very reasonable service fees. No Hidden Fee. No Small Print.

What's next?

Step One

Click on the Start Order Now button below which will show you a checklist, delivery information and details on payment methods etc. These included Chinese visa application form, Declaration Form and i2visa order form should both be printed out and filled in. These forms are accepted in handwriting or by print.

Step Two

Please securely mail your documents to i2visa UK Ltd, Forth House, 28 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, EH1 2BW. We will email you the receipt of confirmation and contact you if additional documents need to be required as well as payment link via PayPal if you are using online card payment. Please check your junk or spam folders if this email doesn't turn up as expected before contacting us.

Please note that charges may apply for in-house concierge service if you prefer to drop off your application in person in our office.

Start order now (PDF 3mb) If you do not already have it you can download Acrobat Reader from Adobe's site to view this PDF

If you use assistive technology and need a version of this document in a more accessible format, please email [email protected] or phone us at 0131 460 7023. Please tell us what format you need.